What is it & how does it work?

Laser tattoo removal has been the most common method of removal, breaking down the ink particles, which are then absorbed by the skin. But the newest method is called micro-needling.

While it doesn’t sound like an attractive process, it’s gaining in popularity, especially as many people criticize the laser removal as it send the ink into the body for absorption.

The micro-needling process draws the ink up through the skin.

And the news gets better. They’ve found that micro-needling reduces the appearance of wrinkles, giving it buzz as the new cosmetic treatment.

I needle the skin. I puncture the skin. Your brain thinks there is an injury so it turns on the collagen production,. So it’s doing that very slowly. It’s using your own natural collagen over a period of three to six months. It will plump up your face. You will look more youthful. Your skin is more pink.

With a recovery time of approximately 48 hours, it is less invasive than traditional plastic surgery.

It is not completely painless. But it's better than plastic surgery, pain wise.

Stars like Jennifer Aniston have sung its praises, as other stars are choosing to go under the needle, as opposed to under the knife.

Why should I get tattoo removal?

Lots of people change their minds about their tattoos and want an easier inexpensive way to remove them without laser. This can include regular tattoos on body or permanent makeup such as eyebrows. 

How many treatments are recommended?

In order to get rid of it completely we recommend multiple treatments.

On average 5-10 treatments needed. Pricing by area but starting at $99.