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What is it & how does it work?

Effective way to whitening your teeth up to 2-4 shades in just a couple minutes. The fastest way of bleaching your teeth in-office is by using a zoom light, which activates the hydrogen peroxide and the bleaching gel, which in turn whitens your teeth. The way it works is hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen molecules.The molecules are what lifts the intrinsic stains out of your teeth. We use a concentrated amount of 35% of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. The laser light acts as a catalyst to release those oxygen molecules so we can break up the stains in the teeth.

Why should I get teeth whitening?

Some stains and types of discoloration on your teeth can be removed very easily with teeth whitening. If your teeth are yellow or if you have light, surface-level stains, you’ll likely see a big difference after a whitening treatment or two. 

Before & After Results


How many treatments are recommended?

We recommend a treatment every 3-6 months. This all depends on how white you want your teeth to be and how long it'll stay. 

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